March 2012

Former Gophers helping out 2012 NCAA Tournament Teams

"For now, the Gophers will have to settle for the NIT which would be valuable experience for the freshman like the energetic Joe Coleman."

The Gophers have not been able to secure a bid to the Big Dance for the second consecutive season. They actually have had some very talented players who started their careers right here in Minneapolis, only to go away to different college teams because of a variety of reasons. Let’s take a look at them.

Iowa State – Royce White

Mr. Basketball in Minnesota and also part of the 2009 Gopher recruiting class that made the top 25 according to He now is with Fred Hoiberg and the Cyclones who will play the number 9 seed UCONN on Thursday night. White had even been compared to Magic Johnson this season for his formidable play.

Why the Gopher?

I’m all about using animals as mascots, but gophers?

The one thing that really gets under my skin when it comes to pro-sports teams (aside from the general facts—you know, that they exist in the first place, that people make that much money playing a GAME, and that they help perpetuate the violence that we feed on as a nation) is when they use people as mascots. The Fighting Irish? The Indians, the Chiefs, the Braves? These are not only stupid—have you ever heard of the Goose Stepping Germans?—they are offensive, labeling a group of people as a “mascot,” which to me is another term for “pet.”