How the U got the Golden Gopher nickname

How the U got the Golden Gopher nickname

It is actually a very interesting story in itself

Most of the current Gopher students may not know that the Gophers were once football powerhouses. At least those Gopher students that aren’t football fans might not know this. But who am I to judge? A trip to TCF Bank Stadium will enlighten any uninformed Gopher fan that the University of Minnesota won many national championships. The problem is that it all happened before 1960.

The state of Minnesota was not always known as the Gopher State. It was actually once called the Beaver State. But a satirical cartoon that portrayed Minnesota politicians with gophers on their heads changed everything.

At that time, the University of Minnesota sports teams were known as just the ‘Gophers.’ But the all-gold uniforms that the teams used to wear made a popular broadcaster from the Twin Cities call them the ‘Golden Gophers.’ The success of the football team in the 1930s ensured that the U would get the Golden Gopher nickname.

During this period, the Golden Gophers won seven Big Ten titles and a few national titles too. The triumphs of the football team were looked upon as ‘golden.’ This is a far cry from the situation today, unfortunately. But with the construction of TCF Bank Stadium in 2009, it was hoped that the Gophers would turn things around and this may be likely.

If you aren't a University of Minnesota alum like me, you should be, provided that it was at this school that cheerleading first started. Go Gophers!